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What type of flooring are you going to choose?

When it comes to common flooring materials, you're likely choosing between the most popular options: tile, vinyl, hardwood, and carpet. We're here to talk about why choosing carpet for your living areas might be the best option.

1.It's Budget-Friendly

- Let's face it: buying new flooring isn't cheap. That said, if you choose the right carpets, you won't be breaking the bank like you would be if you were to install hardwood.

Hardwood floors look great, but they come at a high price point that many people can't afford. Most people end up using rugs in their living areas for more comfort, and rugs are also expensive.

A one-time carpet installation will be cheap enough for most household budgets

2. It Dampens Sound

Everyone has lived in an apartment where you could hear everything that the people above you and beside you were doing, right? Even if you tiptoe through the house, you're making noise.

This is especially true if you have tile, vinyl, or hardwood floors in your living spaces. Even socked feet can sound like horse hooves when there's nothing dampening your steps.

If you have a multi-story home, a condo, or even just thin walls, carpets can make sure that you're not disturbing the other people in your house.

Carpets will also dampen the normal floor sounds like creaks. Old floors often creak, but

those creaks are more obvious when you have hardwood floors.

3. There Are Plenty of Options
You have a multitude of options when you choose to install carpet. There's something for every interior design aesthetic, and they're all at relatively similar price points.


If you choose hardwood, you're limited to "wood-like" colors. Sure, you could go with something outside of the box, but this looks less authentic and tends to look "cheaper,"even if the floor was expensive.

You could make intricate tile patterns or uniquely designed tiles, but those are going to be expensive and uncomfortable in living spaces.
With carpets, you can choose from any color of the rainbow. If you want a different color for every room, no problem!

You also have plenty of texture options. There are carpets with tight fibers that feel firm and are easy to clean. There are also plush and fuzzy carpets that are harder to clean, but softer to the touch

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